We Are Professional

Hardware & Support

Purchasing computer hardware is an important investment. TECHWELL IT SOLUTIONS will help you get the most value from your investment by performing upgrades, repairs, and installations to your hardware. We provide computer hardware and software at a much lower price than normal, thereby reducing your costs.

Products in our line of specialization includes: Computer Cases and Power Supplies, UPS, Intel Processors, Graphics Cards, Hard Disk Drives, Memory Modules, Motherboards, Cables & Connectors, Printers/Fax/Scanners, Custom made Computers, Branded Computers, Network Products and Accessories.

Network Installation & Support

With years of experience installing and supporting Novell, Windows NT, and Unix networks, TECHWELL IT SOLUTIONS will tailor a networking solution to your company's specific needs. In addition, our service to you does not end after the network is installed. TECHWELL IT SOLUTIONS provides a complete suite of network support options to ensure that your investment is constantly protected, optimized, and improved.

Computer Hardware Maintenance

  • On Going Maintenance: Upon request we will structure an ongoing maintenance program for any hardware installed. We further provide emergency services to minimize hardware downtime with our fast responsive service and our staff will be available anytime in working hours.

  • Out-call repair service: We carry out on site repair for hardware problems at client premises.

  • Diagnostics: We offer services to ensure peak performance and help you to detect the cause of any problems you are having with your equipment.