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Techwell training professionals instruct and help users acquire proficiency in a wide array of areas, including hardware, Networking and more. Techwell is designed to help students acquire certification in specific areas in order to attain job placement or advancement. Computer certifications are available in a number of specialized fields from vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Redhat Linux. The world today has shrunk into a small village all thanks to the technological advancement in information technology. It is obligatory for a person of any age, city or nation has to have some know how of IT in order to have an upright standing in today’s world.

Techwell as an Institute

The best training Centre (or) Institute in Srikakulam Providing IT Training Courses for students, Working professionals with 100% Placement Assistance. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organisation that operates through well defined systems and procedures. TECHWELL offers a specific skill learning courses in all spheres of technical areas by creating practical knowledge with real time experience and by providing Suitable Equipments and Environment to the students. The students attendance is also based on biometric so that they can be punctual and attain discipline.

TECHWELL training institute is focussed on building our students expertise in technical skills as well as soft skills like communication, presentation skills, interviewing skills, Team work skills and complete personality development. TECHWELL strongly believes that Resume should speak first. We help our students to make their resume in better presentable manner. Techwell knows how effectively prove your value and future performance of a student by taking into account.

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Uttam Purush Founder

About our Founder

Uttam Purush, our Founder is a Graduate and a well-known education faculty. He believes in blending his professional work experience into the educational arena so students can obtain first-hands on work experience.

Our Vision

To be widely recognized as one of the best and most innovative centre of relevant and high quality Computer education.

Our Mission

To deliver to our students a relevant and cost effective all-round education of the highest possible quality through excellent instruction with a view to producing competent professionals.

Our Strengths

We offer fully customized training solutions in order to address the business needs and learning objectives of our clients. We understand that your business and training goals are unique, and many organizations today want a more highly customized training program for improving employee performance, organizational communication and developing leaders.

An under-graduate degree is about doing something you enjoy but it is your post-graduation degree that counts. I get kids who want to become engineers because their friends or parents have told them to. They are genuinely excited about it, but through the tests, I've realised that they aren't cut out for it. But we never tell a kid not to pursue something. I've seen people who haven't had the aptitude for a career, but have become successful through perseverance and hard work.

After your child has a few career choices in mind, we get him to live these options. We get them to either shadow a family member or get internships to see what the job is actually like on the field. A child wants to get into medicine because his father was into it. So he makes him take up internships with a couple of different doctors and he runs away. He hates it and has never looked at medicine as an option again. In a child's mind, dreams are built up either by parents telling them to pursue a career over the years or just through pure peer pressure. It's good to have dreams, but you need to know what you are getting into before pursuing it. We also keep tabs on their progress through time. If they need help in any way they come back to us. It is important to let your child know that you care.

A lab environment is a group of computers that you manage as a single entity. Usually you use them for system testing. If you’re testing a distributed application such as a web app, you can perform realistic tests by deploying each component on a separate machine.

Lastly, we keep in mind that people change. Remember that college is where a person develops into mature adults. Compare kids to what they were after finishing school to after finishing college and they are completely different. So when we make plans, they are not written in stone.

We know that interests might also change, but that doesn't mean that things have gone wrong. If we have suggested that a child pursue engineering, after the degree, (s)he can easily jump to finance with an MBA or become a researcher. The world is your playground.