Our Technologies

Techwell India is the global digital hub which is constantly building up competencies and offerings

Our Technology


To increase our clients’ confidence in our services & operations and in order to provide an effective & fast tool to access all related operational and business information, techwell permits online access to reports (online/historical) as well as voice recordings for all of its project via custom made powerful portals for each client.


Techwell maintains extreme security measures including external system protection (virus scan, cascaded fire walls, hack detection), physical security through access control doors and internal data security measures (group password policy, strict permissions policy, email, etc). All of the applied measures are established and reviewed periodically to safe-guard all of the clients’ data and information.


Techwell applies a consistent implementation methodology as a standard process for launching new projects and for the ongoing change-management of existing projects, in addition to projects expansion. Such methodology is a journey on its own; starting from project definition & planning, process assessment, knowledge transfer, transition, site readiness and ending with the project launch